Teen Etiquette for Today

This six-week course allows teens to interact and experience a wide range of etiquette classes, enabling them to grow and understand how to make the right choices when confronted with various challenges. Class size structured for 12 to 16 individuals (6 - 8 young men and young women) and are 1:5 hours per class.

Here are just a few subjects your children will learn during this exciting six-week program...

Week One:

The myths of Etiquette
Choosing Civility
The First Meeting
Introducing yourself and others
Name Badges
Remembering Names
Responding When You are Introduced
Taking pride in your own manners
Maintaining good posture
Eye contact
Using a confident Leadership Voice

Week Two:

Courtesies That Count
Giving Compliments
Receiving Compliments
Practice Kindness
Writing a Thank-you Note
The Etiquette of Public Places

  • Reading a restaurant menu
  • Ordering from a menu
  • Tipping Appropriately

Social Courtesies

Week Three:

ABC’s of Table Manners

  • Saying grace
  • Napkins
  • How to eat soup
  • How to hold the knife and fork
  • How to hold a glass

Luncheon Tutorial: step-by-step process of table manners and how to eat hard to eat foods

Week Four:

Email etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts)
Telephone Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts)
Communication skills

  • Business communication

Meeting Persons with Disabilities
Polite Conversation, Compliments and Kindness

  • Polite Conversation
  • Giving and Receiving Compliments

Public Speaking
Discussing lessons learned

Week Five:

Learn Dancing – ballroom dancing lessons

Week Six:

Formal Dinner with Graduation


...Teaching life skills to children of all ages